Hello, welcome to my website!

I am so happy you are here. I want to tell you a little about how I got started on this life’s journey of card making. In 2004 I was invited by a friend to a Scrapbooking Party. I wasn’t really interested in scrapbooking, but was told I would have fun…and I’m all for having fun!

That was the evening I became enchanted by the colors, papers and the creative process I could use to express myself. I enrolled in classes to further my techniques. I learned to love the ways in which I can use texture, layering and embossing to create that one of a kind card that speaks to the receiver.

Allow me to create that special card for you! 

If you are in the Albuquerque New Mexico area, You can find Kathy's Cards in the Spirit Bound Bookstore located at 4374 Alexander Blvd NE, Ste T, Albuquerque, NM 87107.

Thank You.

Breaking News

Kathleen was the 2nd place winner for the Vacation Time contest at the 2018 Rubber Stamp Event. Way to go Kathleen! 

 Kathleen was the 2nd place winner for the Vacation Time contest at the 2018 Rubber Stamp Event. Way to go Kathleen! https://kd-cards.com

Here is the award winning card by Kathy Mathiason

2nd place Award Winning Card  https://kd-cards.com


------beautiful and original
------unusual  designs
------intricate attention to details
------designs that meet your specific requirements
------extremely satisfied!
-------highly recommend Kd Cards
Jacquelyn B.
Kathy discovered that she had artistic capabilities later in life. She has never looked back. She listens to you and what you want in the card. Many of the recipients of her cards have framed her cards. I have a Birthday Card on my desk because it is so beautiful. The Love she puts into a card radiates out into the world.
Richard Mathiason
Some of the most beautiful cards I have ever received and given. Thank you Kathy for sharing your creative talents with Albuquerque.
Kristen  Lord
Your Heart & Soul is so lovingly expressed!
Bonny Allen Rice
My favorite cards!!
Dianne Sluyter Martin
Eve Beavers
Works of beauty.
Judi Lawrence Magnussen
Congratulations Aunt Kathy! Love your creative soul!!
Andrea Monique Hauge


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